If you are a regular player and habitual of playing online bingo at new bingo sites UK you are probably already well familiar to the different types of Bingo like – welcome, reload, cash back bonuses, free bonuses etc.!

It hardly matters whether you are an experience player or a newcomer, this article will surely be going to help you in future and a must- read for saving your bucks. Our objective is to make sure that online bingo players should be aware of the facts and information they need to get the most out of playing games online.


Important part which needs attention

Sometimes some of the best new bingo sites often forget to mention about amazing offers and sign-up bonuses along with detailed terms and conditions.

Everyone knows nothing is free in this world, but playing bingo gives a chance to its players to not only win money but also one doesn’t have to deposit any money, but sometimes it can be more annoying and disheartening to have your withdrawal declined when you go to collect your winnings.

What are the reasons behind that such conditions occur? At times sometimes to avail the attractive welcome bonus promised, a player needs to play over 10 times before one can withdraw any winnings – that’s the wagering requirement, written in the bonus terms, usually hidden deep in the site’s terms and conditions. These requirements are so stringent because of which It is frequently recommended that, that it would be better not to avail them or try understanding them and use your own money instead.


Nowadays most of the online bingo sites UK are becoming more transparent regarding their rewards terms and wagering requirements, and players are trusting them, but it is also advised to check and understand the terms and conditions of the rewards you are about to accept.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements are in place to avert misuse of the bonuses offered by gambling sites. If there were no such requirements or terms, then you could simply register with a Free No Deposit bingo, claim your say £200 bonus, and then withdraw it without even playing.


Such type of requirements comes with a condition to play with minimum number of times before you need to play with your rewards before you can withdraw any winnings. For example, if you received a £20 bonus you would have to bet at least £20 before you could withdraw any winnings generated from it.

This condition sounds realistic to you, but sometimes wagering requirements out there might also say that one needs to play through the rewards as much as 10 or 20 times over before a player can withdraw any winnings from it. So, if you received a £20 bonus, you would have to gamble it over 20 times (£400) before you could make a withdrawal.

“How can a player gamble £400 from a £20 bonus?” Suppose if you have kept winning small amounts at bingo and used those winnings towards the next game, then each time you play a game the buy-in amount counts towards your total amount gambled, which soon adds up and can be many times more than your initial deposit or bonus amount. Whether you are able to fulfill the wagering requirement will solely depend on how much the bonus was and how much you win – a small win might not be sufficient to keep playing through the wagering requirement if it’s very high.

Various Types of Wagering Requirements

Another important aspect to take into account is what are the factors on which wagering requirement is based upon? Most of the times they are only dependent on the bonus amount only, as explained in the examples above, but sometimes they are also grounded on the total of the bonus plus any deposit a player had to make to get the rewards.

Most of the times wagering requirements are based upon the bonus amount only, but sometimes they depend on the total of the rewards plus any deposit.

For example, if any player is depositing £20 to get a £40 bonus, then some terms and conditions might say that a player has to the bonus amount plus the deposit 6 times over, which would equal £180 (£20 + £40 = £60 x 6).

Contributions of Wagering Requirement

welcome-offersAdditional significant factor which should not be ignored when satisfying the wagering terms is how much the games you are playing contribute to the wagering requirement. Some games also make a 100% contribution towards to the gambling requirement, whereas other games might only contribute to 20%.

Playing Bingo games at best bingo sites UK usually count 100%, meaning that every £5 wagered on bingo counts as £5 towards the wagering requirement. Most of the slot games also usually count 100%, so if you like playing slots then nothing to worry about.

Though, some games like Video Poker, Roulette or Blackjack usually only count around 10 – 20% (and sometimes nothing), meaning that for every £1 gambled on those games only 10 or 20p will contribute towards fulfilling the betting requirement.

One of the best alternatives to play at new bingo sites with no wagering requirement are those offering with low betting requirements. Stereotypically, these would be the rewards which put a condition at the max of 3x wagering requirement which is not too bad at all. This means a player would only require to bet the bonus maximum thrice over before being able to withdraw any winnings. Again, popularbingosites.co.uk is one of the best featuring online portals which also offers with low wagering requirements so players can easily access an updated list of best online bingo sites UK to choose from.