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Bingo has been one of the most wide popular games within the world for five centuries. From its humble beginning within the back streets of Italy, it’s currently turned into a billion dollar industry with online play sites, glamorous casinos, and a bunch of celebrity fans. The popularity of bingo is growing quicker than ever and this text takes a look at a number of the little-known facts about this game.

  1. How Many People Play Bingo?

Recent studies have indicated that there are over 100 million bingo players everywhere the planet. This includes each hall and online players. The most shocking truth is that eighty pc of the world’s bingo players are girls aged between thirty and fifty years recent. However, this can be dynamical as additional and additional promotions are attracting younger players similarly. Increasing numbers of men also are taking due interest in this game.

  1. How Did Bingo Begin?

The history of this game stems from an Italian lottery called “Lo Giuoco del lotto D’italia’ that started in the year 1530 and is still contend each Saturday in Italy. From there, the game was introduced to France in the late centenary wherever it absolutely was known as “Le Lotto”, a game that was played largely by the rich Frenchmen. Germans contend this version of the sport within the 1800s and it was around this period that bingo crossed the Chanel and reached a people shores, wherever it became called “Housie”

  1. Difference Between American And British Bingo

This is again one of the little-known facts about bingo that it’s contending otherwise in America and Britain. The fundamental rules are same whereby the numbers are known as out and the players need to match them with their bingo ticket. However here are many differences in the game:

American bingo uses solely 75 balls as compared to ninety within the kingdom.

The biggest difference is that the manner in which the game is won; in the UK its lines or full house but in the American version it’s won on patterns.

The cards and the rows and columns also differ in each the countries.

  1. World’s Most Famous Bingo Players

Though there is thousands of high-profile celebrity who have gained name and fame in this online bingo game. At the top of the list are The Queen and aristocrat William.

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