Some of you have got already won prizes on our exciting new website feature the Wheel of lucky. If you haven’t seen the Wheel of lucky however you need to login to your Divine slots Games account and win your initial daily prize.

You’ll see Divine slot’s Wheel of Fortune whenever you login to the location and also the deal is that you simply will spin it once daily. Your spin is totally free and works a small amount sort of a daily bonus. There are ten completely different prizes shown on the wheel and you’re certain to win one amongst them whenever you spin the wheel.

Win Free Spins And different Prizes the biggest prizes on the  wheel include:

Airline Tickets

Flat Screen TVs

Shopping Vouchers

Multi Spin Jackpots

There also are various free spins!

Why the Wheel Of Fortune?

Divine slots Games is initial and foremost a fun website and we believe giving players a heat welcome. The Wheel of Fortune is intended to place a smile on your face and provides you a win before you even move to the games. Think about it as little many thanks for showing and our approach of claiming that each player is valued and that each Day’s a Winner!

Thousands Of Years Of Spinning The Wheel

For thousands of years philosophers believed within the start of Rota lucky – the thought that the capricious god lucky spins the wheel of fate at random, either raising individuals to wealth and power or shattering their hopes in a moment. All humans were thought to be subject to Fortuna’s wheel and today’s king can be tomorrow’s beggar.

The earliest origins of the wheel of fortune are nearly as recent as civilization itself.  The wheel was a very important conception in ancient Rome and Balkan nation and the roots will be derived as so much back as Babylonian times.

Belief within the wheel of fortune was still alive and powerful over 600 years past as the follow of divination by reading tarot card cards developed. Wheel of Fortune (X) is that the tenth trump or Major Arcane card. There are still many individuals reading tarot cards these days, continued a convention of the wheel of fortune that goes back nearly to period

Tarot cards historically feature enticing and mysterious pictures choked with hidden which means. The wheel of fortune card sometimes shows an eight-spooked             wheel with a creature (sometimes human; typically a Sphinx-like half-human) wearing an Egyptian-style wear.


Divine slot’s Wheel of Fortune is ready firmly within the twenty first century and is powered by a random range generator that chooses your daily prize…well…randomly. No matter happens, you’re certain to win something!

Play Fun honest Ride

The wheel of fortune continuing to be a preferred theme within the wandering fairgrounds that won’t to seem outside cities and villages across kingdom. It was employed by fortune tellers and gamblers and developed into a painted gambling wheel sometimes divided into ten sections every with a prize. The wheels were usually weighted or controlled by crooked operators and naive honest goers were overtimes duped. Fortuitously after you play our online casino game Fun honest Ride you can expect on the average to win a money prize with each free spins slots.