With success of online bingo sites of UK, there are so multiple choices are available to a player that it can be confusing to select the best option. One of the main factors which should be considered while choosing the best bingo sites UK is understanding different types of sites available. Like understanding the difference between a standalone and network bingo site.


Standalone Bingo Sites

They are basically an independent site which is exclusive. Though they share the same software, the bingo operator has more control and acts as an independent. It can offer more advantages for players like more unique promotions without repetitive offers and competitions. It also gives an opportunity to a player to sign up or gets registered as a new player.

Network Bingo Sites

These portals share with other sites in one large group. If a player registers in one particular site within the same network then their User ID and Password allows or can be used to enter any other bingo site within the shared network. This is where linked games are played and bingo rooms have a larger capacity of players than a standalone.

Deciding which is better completely depends upon your requirement. They both are excellent formats and offer something different from the other. If bigger jackpots and more bingo rooms are what you looking for than network bingo is the best option available. If you are looking for more exclusive promotional offers and contests, then standalone is the perfect substitute.


Because of the fierce online competition many new bingo sites UK operators prefer a network where they have a sturdier fresh start among well-known successful sites. Opting for standalone site may be more of a risk with an ambiguity as to their business prosperous. But taking that risk gives the operator more freedom and is not under any obligation to share revenue like a network site does.

Whether you choose to play at a standalone or network bingo site players can be guaranteed that both are excellent options and it all depends on preference.

How to protect your Bingo email account from Fraud

Remember the very first time registering to a Free No Deposit bingo sites and a question and hesitation comes in every player’s mind whether is it safe to divulge all your personal and banking information? Maybe you deferred or refused to sign up because of two main factors element of doubt and lack of trust. Taking that initial dive into cyber space can be a scary process at first. This can be a myth and players can trust online bingo sites are as safe and all credit goes to highly advanced encryption.


The actual concern that many players don’t think or take it seriously is there are many fraudsters who pose as genuine businesses via email accounts. This type of illegal activity is also known as “phishing”. It involves using fabricated websites and emails to obtain the gamer’s personal and banking information.

It is very simple to fall victim to prey because the emails and links provided appear to be very genuine. Fraudsters will try to acquire account numbers, user names, and passwords by posturing as a bingo site or any other personal accounts such as financial institutions.

Important steps to follow to avoid becoming victims of email fraud

  • Never ever respond to any type of unsolicited spam email
  • Do not click on any links or download attachments that could contain a virus
  • Avoid filling out any forms which requests any of the personal information
  • Compare the link with the official website to determine any discrepancies
  • If required contact the official website to verify authenticity

Remember no legitimate website will ask for your user name or password. In case if you feel you are a victim of an email scam, report it to the official site as soon as possible.